1950s Fashion and Style

1950s fashion and style1950s fashion and style continue to influence the designers of today and this section of our site serves as an introduction to the designers of the Fifties and how they shaped the lifestyles of the post war years. The current revival of interest in this decade is evidence of the need for a return to the elegance of designs of everything from clothes to motor cars.

The youth of Britain in the 1950s couldn’t wait to shake off the shackles of austerity that had denied them any kind of self expression and they looked to America for inspiration, but many fashion designers in the UK and Europe were quickly making their own mark and it wasn’t long before these innovators were complimented by new designs within the aviation and motor car industries as well as those of household interiors and the burgeoning world of pop music.

Today, the chic elegance of many 1950s designs is being celebrated again in events such as the Goodwood Revival and Vintage at Goodwood and there is a strong demand for retro and vintage clothing as a new generation rediscovers the beauty of the era.

1950s Fashion & Designers